The Witch Hunt

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A letter to the Guardian from the Jews For Jeremy Facebook members. April 28th 2016

Dear Editor,

We are Jewish members and supporters of the Labour Party and of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, who wish to put our perspective on the “antisemitism” controversy that has been widely debated in the last few weeks.

We do not accept that antisemitism is “rife” in the Labour party. Of the examples that have been repeated in the media, many have been reported inaccurately, some are trivial, and a very few may be genuine examples of antisemitism. The tiny number of cases of real antisemitism need to be dealt with, but we are proud that the Labour Party historically has been in the forefront of the fight against all forms of racism. We, personally, have not experienced any antisemitic prejudice in our dealings with Labour Party colleagues.

We believe these accusations are part of a wider campaign against the Labour leadership, and they have been timed particularly to do damage to the Labour Party and its prospects in elections in the coming week.

As Jews, we are appalled that a serious issue is being used in this cynical and manipulative way, diverting attention from much more widespread examples of Islamaphobia and xenophobia in the Conservative and other parties.

We dissociate ourselves from the misleading attacks on Labour from some members of the Jewish community. We urge others, who may be confused or worried by recent publicity, to be sure that the Labour Party, under its present progressive leadership, is a place where Jews are welcomed in a spirit of equality and solidarity.

Yours sincerely,

Julia Bard
Jenny Bloom
Alice Bondi
Miriam E. David
Professor Stephen Deutsch
Lynda Gilbert
Alex J. Goldhill
Adam Goodkin
Stuart Goodman
Tony Greenstein
Rosamine Hayeem
Abe Hayeem
Jane Henriques
Lorraine Hershon
Richard Kuper
Pam Laurance
Leah Levane
Rachel Lever
Sue Lukes
Stephen Marks
Helen Marks
Charles Shaar Murray
Professor Mica Nava
Susan Pashkoff
Rina Picciotto
Caroline Raine
Roland Rance
Dr. Brian Robinson
Denise Robson
Jeff Daniel Rollin
David Rosenberg
Jonathan Rosenhead
Stephen Sands
Dr. Ian Saville
Lynne Segal
Steve Tiller
Ray Sirotkin
Inbar Tamari
Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi
Benjamin Young

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